Tasty Ingredients of the Perfect Pizza Recipe

The quality making of Pizza can be decided by the nature and intensity of the ingredients you use. They can be made from purely sweet substances, spicy elements or an effective combination of both. Some forms of spices used in Italy and parts of Europe are derived from traditional elements. For example you can consider Bilberry extract, Fenu Greek, pepper powder etc. In the Americas the pizza is made from similar elements, in addition to cheese, veggies, chicken, meat and other extravagant ingredients. You can come across many types and names for the pizza across the world. For example you can consider the Milwaukee which has a thin type of crust on it or the Chicago type with a deep crust on it.

The Making of Simple Pizza

The process of pizza preparation starts with the making of dough. This can be prepared with the help of yeast and water blending. This is kept for fermentation for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then the bread flour, sugar, salt and olive oil are added to prepare the base of the pizza. Once you have mixed all the ingredients with suitable quantity of salt, you can blend the dough.

Perfect Pizza Recipe

Then the dough is poured into a bowl with olive oil smeared surface. You can keep it to ferment for a couple of hours. This process will help bring in the extra crispiness to the pizza. You need to heat the dough in an oven at a temperature of about 150 degrees to 180 degrees. While the pizza is still in the semi solid state you can add cheese, veggies, baby corn, chicken, meat, or any other tasty ingredients you want.  It is recommended that you grill the ingredients into fine shreds before adding them to the base as stuffing. Remove the bones skin from the chicken and meat before processing them. Bell pepper powder, ginger and garlic powder, sliced onions and tomatoes can be used to top the pizza. You can also use fruits and dry fruits for the topping.

Dressing the Pizza Toppings

The process of adding pizza toppings could be very simple one. But their preparation can be time consuming if you wish to provide grand finishing touches to the pizza you have prepared.

  • Onions and tomatoes need to be sliced thinly into round shapes. Avoid chipping of pieces as it can make the slices go out of shape. Peel the external skin of the onion before slicing.
  • After spreading the onion and tomatoes in the first layer of pizza toppings, you can spray the spices on their top. Then you can add other veggies like carrot, capsicum or others after grilling them. Then you can give one more coat of spices. Now you can serve the pizza after heating it in the oven for about 3 to 4 minutes. You can also add chili powder to make the pizza toppings hot and spicy. Garnish the final layer of pizza toppings with coriander leaves and curry leaves to make it extra tasty.